Christmas shindy, to do’s, wishlist, presents, help please! (Surprise at the end)


Oh deer!

Got it? Christmas, deer? Santa’s reindeers, Rudolph & co.? Ok, whatever. I try too hard!

Christmas is almost here my lovely doves, and I am not even close finishing the arrangements because I didn’t even started. I am so far away and so late, that 2015 Christmas can almost catch me from behind.

It’s been a while since I spent the winter holidays with my family, at home. Five or maybe six years? I’m not even sure how long have been since then. But this year I don’t really have a choice so I will try my best to make it special and memorable. I hope memorable in a good way, not in a “hey I just burnt the kitchen down!” kind of way.

So I tried to write down a “To do” list in which, according to my budget I will buy some new Christmas decorations (lights, globes, tinsel, and so on), decorate my room, buy gifts for my family and friends, hire a nazy to take care of my three little tree killers who I am pretty sure that they have planned the murder of the Christmas tree ever since Tilică has joined the team. And he’s a badass! The kamikaze kind of badass…

The moment when I started being useful…

First thing’s first: Stop watching Narcos and get out of the bed. It’s enough that you started thinking in spanish, chica! Be useful today! Aiii, lo que es una pertida de tiempo!

Plata o plomo! Just kidding. Not.

So I asked my brother to join me on my shopping trip at the supermaket in our neighborhood to buy the things that I need to bring the Christmas spirit into my room.

He joined me aaaand… this happened!


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