December 2016: Thank you and what the…

Dear December,

You’re the last one, so please be the best one!

(Read this quote on Facebook! #suchacopycat)


I have always imagined December as a russian matrioska doll in which Time fits all the months of the year, and stores them on a shelf in the Universe.

2016 has almost ended and I find myself right here, right now, in the middle of my bed, in the middle of the night, carefully holding my magical matrioska of 2016, surrounded by all my thoughts, contemplating about what this year has brought and taken away from me.

Reviewing every experience that I’ve been trough, I can only label them into two categories: the oddly good ones and the absolutely great ones.

The oddly good ones

I remembered what a crazy/ innoportune/ sadistic sense of humor I have.

I discovered that I can cry and laugh at the same time. Some of you might think that I’m bipolar which might be true, but at least I’m a pleasant company no matter what I’m going trough. AHAHAHA, oh nooo…

I am the best creeper ever whenever I see a cute guy in public. If I don’t take a picture of him and send it to my bestie then he never existed! It’s a rule!

Some of my old jeans don’t fit me anymore. “Hey miss fatty fatty, you’ a murda’!” 50 killos of superior quality on my sexy ass, thank you McDonald’s and Fanta!

I’M LOVIN’ IT being FANTAstic!

Got it? What? No? Okay.

I developed the ability to look and act alive even after 9 hours of work, 10 hours of partying and 30 minutes of sleep in the morning followed by another 9 hours of work. Working with the audience is gold!

“-Hello miss, I would like to teleport my number!

-Sure ma’am! Let me bring and set up the gate!”

The one thing I am really greatful for, is the fact that I’ve learned how to manage all the bad situations by focusing on the important  things that really matter, and learn from each experience.

Friendship. I realised how important my friends are even though I have few. Some of them are my old friends, and others made it feel like I’ve been knowing them for a long time.

Aaaaand yes, I love them all!

The absolutely great ones

Oh boy…


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