Hair care routine. Oils, potions and some magic craft.

No spells included!


It’s monday, loves! And guess who’s the biggest sleepyhead? Yes I am, indeed. I’m such a badass right now. I need to recover from the last seven days and this epic weekend full of working, partying and working again. 48 hours, no sleep and zero regrets, I promise! (Check out my Instagram for a sneak peek of the weekend).

So let’s get back in business, and today my dears, I’ll tell you about a secret (not so much) formula for longer, regenerated hair.

2016 was the year of changes for me and my hair too. I’ve had my hair long, blonde, short, ombre, dark brown, ombre again, black, ombre-ish and some other 7 undiscovered yet shades (all in one), ombre, and now finally, light brown also known as my natural hair color or so the legend says. I’m not even sure what my natural hair color looks like anymore!

Let’s heal this baby. You ready? Here we go.

Go to the drugstore and buy the following: 2 viols of Vitamin B1, 2 viols of Vitamin B6, 2 viols of Vitamin B12, castor oil and Alpecin C1 (hair energizer shampoo). You can only find these in drugstores and nowhere else! Perhaps you should check out if you can find Alpecin C1 in your country, if not, just buy it online.

Mix one of each viols with the castor oil and shake it baby. Massage your scalp using that mixture for 5 minutes. It’s important to let it work on your hair roots for minimum 30 minutes before you wash your hair.

The rest of the viols will be mixed with the shampoo so when you wash your hair you also feed the scalp with the vitamins it needs. Leave the shampoo work for 5 minutes. Wash everything else manwhile, it is pretty important. Mostly if you date someone.

Why’s so special this shampoo? Because it’s based on caffeine which is known to stimulate the hair growth, or so the german dermatologists say. Internet say that too! We have nothing to lose (maybe our hair only), so why not give it a try? Just kidding, it’s all good, all fine with it.

Be aware that this shampoo will make your hair a little dry becuase it’s purpose isn’t to heal your hairs but to make them grow and regenerate baby hairs. Use it for 3 months only because the scalp will get used to it.

Sorcery done! Good job!


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