Single? So what!?


Ok, so you’ve been trough rough times, fights, frustration, depressing moments, whatever. The thing is babe, that time really heals everything. It might leave some marks on your loving heart but it’s absolutely normal. Those marks are lessons, and lessons are meant to be learned so they can grow inside of you and transform you into a wiser and stronger person.

I remember that after the break-up I was acting like a drug addict who was dealing with the withdrawal. Every piece of me was crying and hurting so bad it transformed into real physical pain. It was just a habit or love or both of them? I don’t even need to know anymore.

The important thing is what you do to get you out of that ugly phase, because the only person who can save you from yourself is also you. Isn’t it ironic?

img_20161109_195526First, focus on yourself. On your needs. Now it’s just you. Change your hairstyle, hair color, go to the gym, do whatever makes you feel prettier, better. Read that 50 shades of Grey trilogy if you must. It’s ok!

Second, and most satisfying, go do some shopping. Spend your money like you don’t care, no regrets, no need for justifications. Buy that sexy lingerie you saw few weeks ago.

You don’t have to wear it to impress a guy, just wear it beacuse you know what a sexy beast you are and whoever will fall for you will be the luckiest motherfu**er ever. If you take pictures of yourself wearing that, make sure your Cloud account is private. Just sayin’…

Go to work, and work hard, because after you finish with that shopping therapy you’ll also might need to survive. You know, eat sometimes, drink some water. Oh, what the hell, buy that bottle of wine too! Rock that independent woman attidude that’s burning inside of you.

 I feel so rebellious!

Lose yourself in the waves of music. Music for me is the medicine of my soul. Go pretty lady and dance all night long, sing along, raise your hands, close your eyes. Just feel the music running trough your veins, it’s almost sexy.

If you’re not a dancy fancy then plug those headphones on and go for a walk. Take the bus or simply walk in the park while listenning to your fave tracks.

Don’t miss any chance. The most fun and memorable experiences happen unplanned. Why’s that? Because you don’t have any time to think about it, analyze it, you just go for it. Live the moment, I know it’s been said before but trust me love, just do it!

Delete all the unnecessary stuff from your room and computer/ social media accounts.  Yeah, you were pretty together but don’t forget that you still are. Even prettier than before, after all that hair changning process and those smoking hot new clothes you bought lately that left you broke. But sexy af!

Delete the pictures from your social media. You don’t want to miss that cute stalker boy, don’t you? I’m not saying that you should permanently remove all those memories but just put that fuck face on a CD and store it somewhere dark. Be evil, or at least pretend to be a little dark.

I know that the hardest part is to remove the pictures from your room but hey, just imagine that his eyes are all over the place wathcing on you, while you change, he don’t deserve to see you naked anymore, girl. Boy bye!


Go meet new peep. You know your friends are always there for you and you love them and they love you as well but go meet new people, build new friendships, new memories. One of the saddest parts of a break-up is that you don’t only lose your partner (in crimes) but you lose the company as well. So the blanc space that’s left is even wider.

That’s why you should constantly meet new people, learn from them, and be aware that most of them are transitory people. Appreciate them anyways!

Install that Snapchat app asap! It’s the funniest thing you can do when you have nothing better to do and don’t feel like moving. Take pictures, record yourself using those hillarious filters, save them and send them to your best friend. Your conversations will be much more interesting that way.

Date, but…. I know that right after the separation happen you kind of feel the need to find someone else wishing he could replace/ reduce/ magicly make the pain dissapear but trust me, I’ve tried it. It’s the worst you can do.  Even the guy is a husband material you will only probably appreciate him. But you won’t even like him….in that kinda way. You don’t want to mess with anyone’s feelings mostly when you know how bad that feels.

Take your time, whoever is meant to be yours, will be in the end. Don’t waste your time in bad relationships that lead nowhere from the beggining. You’ve already wasted enough time with the previous one. Use that free time wisely. You are now older and wiser and after all the good and the bad you’ve been trough you are now able to decide what kind of person you want in your life. Be picky!

It’s only a phase, no one get’s stuck in a phase forever. Go and be savage sexy, girl! Much love.


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